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Why is the M Technique an Effective Method of Relaxation and Self-Care?

Do you know about the M Technique? It's a wonderful method for providing a gentle, soothing touch to help alleviate stress. You don't need to be a professional massage therapist to learn it. It's a heartfelt way to offer support and help reduce stress and anxiety. Combining it with essential oils can enhance its benefits. The repetitive nature of the M Technique can be especially calming for children or patients with dementia (Buckle, 2015).


Dr. Jane Buckle, a nurse trained in London during the 1960s, specialized in Intensive Care. Despite working with patients who couldn't communicate verbally, she found a way to connect through touch. Her experiments with gentle stroking led to the development of the 'M' Technique (Buckle, 2015).

The M Technique has been incorporated into Aromatherapy for Health Professionals in the United States since the early 1990s. This clinically based program has been widely taught across nearly every state in the nation and is renowned as one of the top training programs in clinical aromatherapy. In response to high demand, a dedicated M Technique training was established in 2001, and it was even offered for nursing credit at the University of Minnesota (Buckle, 2015).

Check out this YouTube video demonstrating the M Technique:


Buckle, J. (2015). Clinical aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Healthcare. Churchill Livingstone.

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